10 Best Night Life Cities

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In very strong competition for the best city for night life among world capitals such as Monteral, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, a small town in small country took all the sympathy and won first place…So if you plan last minute holidays Below you can see a list of top 10 selected cities for night life

10. Tel Aviv, Israel

tel aviv night life 10 Best Night Life Cities

Tel Aviv is dubbed “the city that never stops” implying that the nightlife goes on.  Till morning time, clubs  are very voguish at the bit as the main nightlife  coming out, also pubs and music clubhouses are in. Eating places and cafés are as well open at least till midnight. The Bars and Clubs that is guessed to be IN are bringing hard to get and there has a Hard choice at the door. At that place are a different kind of bars part of it are pick up bars, gay bars, age associated bars and dancing clubs – In Alenby street area is the bars that I do not recommend – the best clubs and bars is in Tel Aviv port or in the Rotschild Blvd. area. The clubs have every night a different elan of music and so it is recommended to check  what’s about before you go.

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9. Auckland New Zealand

aukland 10 Best Night Life Cities

Auckland have something for everybody — the adventuresome, the sophisticated, the young, and the young at heart.In bars and clubs the dress code runs to be casual, although a few places apply a brighter rule and are especially anti black jeans and leathers, because these run to be clothes favored by gangs. Licencing laws are not strict and  few bars have a 24-hour licence, till others continue open till the early hours. The age limitation for boozing is 18 years.To catch out what is on, read the Thursday and Saturday editions of the New Zealand Herald, the free monthly listings magazine What’s Happening, or the free newspaper Tourist Times.

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8. Baku, Azerbaijan

baku 10 Best Night Life Cities

Nightlife in Baku is vivacious, altho when traversing the city streets make certain to follow basal safety procedures and leave the bulk of your money back up at the hotel, as dips and predators are known to thrive off tourists.That said, Azerbaijani Republic is not especially dangerous, and at that place  many clubs and bars that make adventuring outside at night well worth the trip.  The Universal Club, for example, is a bar and restaurant that features fantabulous European cuisine also as live music.

7. Cape Tow, South Africa

cape town 10 Best Night Life Cities

Cape Town have  lot of bars, clubs and restaurants to decide from making a vibrant nightlife that caters for a assortment of tastes. Bars stay open late and clubs get going by 11pm; a lot restaurants are open until midnight, some later. There are restaurants and bars a-plenty at the V&A Waterfront  as well as in the city center and along the Atlantic Seaboard areas of Clifton and Camps Bay. As an alternative, head to Grand West Casino as a glitzy nighttime of gambling, wining and dining. The casino offers a host of restaurants and bars as well as cinemas and other entertainment.

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6. La Paz, Bolivia

la paz baja 10 Best Night Life Cities

La Paz its long-familiar for being a paradisiac place where you are able to come down decompress and enjoy living at it’s best. At nighttime La Paz as well offers you play and fantabulous places where you can get out and leave all your jobs away, here you are able to find a big variety of bars and clubs that you are able to visit. Most of our best night live places are placed along the well know “Malecon” and you are able to easily walk around finding one fantabulous place after some other.

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5. Thessaloniki, Greece

solun 10 Best Night Life Cities

Thessaloniki might be the co-capital of Greece but it’s the capital of amusement and nightlife. In Thessaloniki, nightlife gets a fresh meaning and nights continue unforgettable. Just like all big metropolises, Thessaloniki cracks many a different possibilities for eve entertainment for even out the most asking travellers; by traditional to modern Greek music, and from jazz to rock and soul and any additional kind of music. Thessaloniki’s domicile, even more Athenians, is night-loving people; even dinner rarely begins earlier nine or ten at night and most restaurants and taverns are open at least until 1am. Night life, meaning clubs and “bouzoukia”  starts usually at 11:30pm and it lasts till the small hours of the next day.

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4. Dubai UAE

DUBAI NIGHT LIFE 10 Best Night Life Cities

Once the sun comes down, Dubai gets its second wind. Local bars and pubs are popular, of course, just if your tastes run more bass, check out our other Dubai nightlife selections. Any your angle of dip, sit at the bar and relax with a cold beer, a glass of pinot noir, or a classic martini, and make certain to chat on whoever happens to be nearby – you may make afresh friend or a of value business contact. Our guide includes the hottest Dubai clubs and bars also as the cosiest hole-in-the-wall spots.

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3. Buenos Aires,  Argentina

buenos aires nightlife1 10 Best Night Life Cities

Buenos Aires have a repute as a party metropolis, and alone the truly reclusive would contend otherwise. If you’re going to even out annoy dating, you better be cooked for the Buenos Aires nightlife. Bars do not get going until 12 or 1am and clubs don’t even open their doorways till 2am, which is all right since most Argentineans do not eat dinner till around 11 anyways. Everything is pushed back a few hours, and and so elongated into the morning. So wear comfy shoes, try to squeeze in a late good afternoon nap, chug a Redbull and acquire amped for what is sure to be a memorable night on the town.

2. Montreal,  Canada

Montreal Nightlife 0076 10 Best Night Life Cities

The second-largest metropolis in Canada, Montreal have a long story of nightlife. Montreal nightlife has been a long character of Montreal culture, in the days of forbiddance Americans would visit the city to booze at the most popular Montreal nightlife spots in the city. The Montreal nightlife aspect is world famous for the province’s low boozing age of 18 years old. Now, Montreal nightlife carries on to absorb tourists and locals like looking for the better clubs and bars. Whether you’re exploring for clubs in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil or hotspots in the West Island, Montreal will find it all!

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1. Belgrade, Serbia

belgrade 10 Best Night Life Cities

Dubai, Montreal, Buenos Aires- where next?

belgrade3 10 Best Night Life Cities

If you are into clubbing vacations and have done the common suspects, Srbija’s capital Beograd has come on to the radar quickly in late years, acquiring an exciting, ever-changing cobweb of clubs and bars.The music aspect caters to all-comers, from rock and jazz clubs to Balkan beats and turbo folk – a curious mix of electronic beats and gypsy or Turkish-influenced folk singing that’s worth experiencing at least once.You can also find the best in underground electronica, techno and house music, with venues tempting a regular stream of international guest DJs and artists.

The girls in Belgrade are absolutely the most beautiful you can find in this part of Europe. The bartenders are always in a good mood and love to get people drunk. Cover charges are never too much either.

Splavovi (restaurants and clubs that are on boats and water) are a great place to spend warm summer nights in Belgrade. The atmosphere is great and the music has many ranges. Mostly in clubs you will hear Serbian Turbofolk, Trance, House, and Hip Hop.

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  1. jc Says:

    Monteral? More like MONTREAL!

  2. David Says:

    What about Reykjavik, Iceland? Although not a large city by any means, if one has spent a weekend there, one will know what nightlife really is.

  3. subcorpus Says:

    now i gotta visit some of them cities … hehe …

  4. Wes Says:

    No Las Vegas on this list? Fail.

  5. Brendan Says:

    Hahaha Bolivia is the only landlocked country in South America yet you somehow managed to find a picture with a beach “representing” La Paz. Well Done.

  6. Felipe Says:

    Bullshit! where is México in all this?

  7. Bazongo Says:

    That La Paz is in Mexico, not Bolivia. We don’t have sea in the mountains. Nevertheless great nightlife in La Paz, Bolivia too.

  8. Seriously? Says:

    New York? Tokyo? Las Vegas? Is this just astroturf for Serbia? Have you been to any of these cities?

  9. Jon Bek Says:

    That’s not La Paz, Bolivia! It’s probably La Paz, Mexico.

    Bolivia does not have a tropical beach, but it is still awesome.

  10. Kroon78 Says:

    I have to agree w/ Montreal, being from Toronto and all, though I think T.O should easily made the list. My serb friends have told me Belgrade is the place to be.

  11. Fred Says:

    Is this article a joke? Pick a few cities at random and yap about them? Did each city pay for the promotion or what?

  12. Nate Says:

    REALLY? Thats the BEST picture of Tel-Aviv you found?

    How about http://newisraelihome.com/images/telaviv.jpg

  13. Nate Says:

    REALLY? Thats the BEST picture of Tel-Aviv you found?

    How about http://newisraelihome.com/images/telaviv.jpg



    Either way, Tel-Aviv is great but this list is debatable. Berlin? Miami? Sant Antoni?
    ..Where are they?

  14. [...] 10 Best Night Life Cities (tags: nightlife) [...]

  15. raky_b Says:

    you all write abut some US cities…yeah right.
    it’s fun,but only if you are very,very rich. if not,you can’t even go to clubs.
    you can just wait infront of their’s doors.
    if you never have visit serbia,you really need to…then you won’t say this is joke or promotion.
    they don’t have ocean,but for real fun you won’t mist it. serbs are crazy people…and you not just in belgrade(it’s true,you can find parties,something for everyone there all the time 24/7) you must go to EXIT fest in Novi Sad and “Guca”,serbian brass orcestra contest…it’s really something special. and girls in serbia…most beautiful on the world. if you go by the street you can count only a few that you could say “she’s bad”.
    and all that you can enjoy with less money then any other city on this list…

  16. Marc Says:

    Number one: Belgrade!!!! Been there, oh… Crazy place, pretiest girls, living la vida loca!!!! I love Belgrade!!!!
    Second place: Budapest, Hungary
    third: London (bridge is fallin’ down… La la la la)
    i’m from LA, huh, no fun these days:(

  17. ivan Says:

    This is a joke :) )), but great advertize for some places! :)

  18. Enzo Says:

    No Vegas? lol, there are more parties in Vegas in a single night than in most of these places in a entire week.

  19. Nebojsa Says:

    I am living in Belgrade. We have a sentance: “Belgrade has the most beautiful girls”…and it is true, belive me.
    Also, Belgrade is on the line between East and West, so you can find the best (and the worst, probably) from both influence.
    My advice for you is to relax and to try Belgrade.
    Best regards from the three river’s, one lake and one montaine city-Belgrade.

  20. debora Says:

    That La Paz is in Mexico, not Bolivia. We don’t have sea in the mountains. Nevertheless great nightlife in La Paz, Bolivia too…

  21. Pau Says:


  22. Tubuku Says:

    Living and working in both Las Vegas and Bangkok I believe this list missed both numbers 1 and 2 completely.

  23. BerlinGuy Says:

    I been to Belgrade this year in summer. This City of Belgrade is wonderful. The best parties, funy and very very friendly people, good food, sexyest girls and boys too. Before all, people are NATURAL and not trying to be something better than others. They enjoy life with not much money. Typical belgrade words:
    * you got problems? o yea. ah, don`t worry, it will be solwed*
    I can only say, go there and see it your self, you will always want to see it again.
    No lies! The best is, try to go with some serbian person who knows the city and clubs, or visit someone local there.
    Much fun in Serbia and belgrade.

    Gr. from Berlin / Germany.

  24. Emma Says:

    I traveled good part of the world. I didn’t had better night out than in Belgrade. I am in the Netherlands these days and I am bored to hell…

  25. Cristian Says:

    Have you ever been in Ibiza? I’ve heard that Belgrade is great but it’s a shame that Ibiza doesn’t appear in your joke- top ten. Even within Spain, Madrid or Barcelona have better nightlife than a lot of these cities. I know it’s typical, but what about Tokyo, New York, London…? It’s a joke?

  26. Daviv Says:

    ja ja ja ja La paz , Bolivia, De donde es esa foto realmente? con palmeras , playas y mar ? Bolivia es un pais centro-continental.
    Por lo demas, es Tel Aviv un lugar trankilo como disfrutar?

    Escriban algo real y no solo por llenar espacios, por favor !

  27. blablabla Says:

    Watch now, I tell you why Belgrade 1st not Ibiza, Las Vegas, NY, …
    It is a beautiful city with nice history, has so much to see
    Ibiza is full of transvestites, Gays, …(in serbia we wrealy hate them…).Then in America … with how many years you could go out in night clubs and drink alcohol? !??!My Friend was in America and said that the nightlife is horrible …
    Las Vegas and similar cities are not available to everyone …
    you can drink alcohol whenever you want(with 2 years if u want..)…
    Parties that last until morning. Alcohol, food is cheap and great. Girls are the most beautiful in the world …
    The guys are all ready for fun, everyone will help you in the city …
    But … If you want a problem, it’s not problem … : D

    I was in a lot of European cities, people are unkindly, everyone looks at their job … and you will not meet in Belgrade

    cafes, discos, rafts are full every night … every weekend

    So if you want entertainment come to Belgrade, you will not regret

  28. Loic Says:

    Montreal Rocks. Most US cities suck because of either the line up or the uptight/cocky attitude american typically have.

    Get out of your own country and see what’s out there… you may not want to come back to your superficial and materialistic values… and have REAL fun with an open mind.

    Been to Vegas several time and nightlife sucks unless you’re ready to spend 1000$… In Montreal, you’ll have double the fun for 50-75$… Girls, Canadian Beer, Open Mind where people value differences…

  29. Shadow Says:

    Belgrade is best nightlife city, trust me! you cant get bored here… There is fun 24h a day…. It is wery cheap city, alchohol, food, girls :) … a lot to see and this city have wery interesting history… so there is something interesting here for eweryone!


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