Amazing Star Formations

Star formations are unbelievable, comparatively unappreciated structures that are a fascination of mine – banging constructions that only actually become visually arresting when you look down on them from above. This case of munition design was acquired in the early 16th century as citizenry realized that barer, often circular fortifies were useful once it came to the job in hand: defense.

Palmanova – Italy

star formation 1 Amazing Star Formations

Palmanova is a town and comune in northeastern Italy, close to the border with Slovenia. It is located 20 km from Udine, 28 km from Gorizia and 55 km from Trieste near the junction of the Autostrada Alpe-Adria (A23) and the Autostrada Venezia-Trieste (A4).

Palmanova is famous for its fortress plan and structure, called a star fort, imitated in the Modern era by numerous military architects.

star formation 2 Amazing Star Formations

Bourtange – Netherlands

star formation 3 Amazing Star Formations

Bourtange is a star fort and village in the Westerwolde region of the Dutch province of Groningen. It is a part of the municipality of Vlagtwedde, and lies about 32 km northeast of Emmen.

The fortifications were initially built during the Eighty Years’ War (c. 1568–1648) when William I of Orange wanted to control the only road between Germany and the city of Groningen which was controlled by the Spaniards. This road followed a sandy ridge (tange) through the marshes.

Gory?kaku – Japan

star formation 4 Amazing Star FormationsGory?kaku is a star fort in the city of Hakodate in southern Hokkaid?, Japan. It was the main fortress of the short-lived Republic of Ezo.

star formation 6 Amazing Star FormationsAlmeida – Portugal

star formation 7 Amazing Star FormationsAlmeida is a common surname in the Portuguese language, namely in Portugal and Brazil. It was originally a toponym, derived from the town of Almeida (Beira Alta, Portugal).

star formation 8 Amazing Star Formations

Saint-Martin-de-Ré – France

star formation 9 Amazing Star Formations

Saint-Martin-de-Ré is a commune in the Charente-Maritime department in south-western France.It is one of the 10 communes located on the Île de Ré.

star formation 10 Amazing Star Formations

Naarden – Netherlands

star formation 11 Amazing Star FormationsNaarden is a municipality and a town in the Gooi region in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. Naarden is an example of a Spanish star fort, complete with fortified walls and a moat. The walls and the moat have been restored and are in a very good state.

star formation 12 Amazing Star Formations

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